Free Glidden paint testers

If you were planning on a paint project but aren't sure what colors yet, this deal is for you. You can go to Glidden here and choose 2 colors and get a pain tester bottles for each of them free. They cover a 3x3 area each.

Here's how to do it.
After clicking on the link, choose from any of the hundreds of colors they have and drag it to the little tab on the right hand side of the page that has 2 tester bottles on it. It should open up into a pop up on the page. The bottle will show the color you chose when you do it right. This actually took me a long time to figure out. Do this twice. Then click the order button and follow the dirctions. You can also put the paint color on the walls to see what it may look like. I think it's cool.

These are legitmate. I have recieved freebies of paint from them before.

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