AWESOME Giveaway at The Oxford Family

Go to The Oxford Family website enter to win one of these awesome yarn bowls. I think this is a brilliant idea. Luv it! Luv it! Luv it!

Cool Fiber Website I Just Heard About

So, I just heard about this cool website. Alpaca If you like knitting and crocheting, or felting or whatever with natural fibers, this is a really neat'o website. You can buy or sell your natural fibers in a secure, easy way. I don't have access to any natural fibers where I live so this would be a good way for me to be able to search and research the different kinds of fibers out there. If you are new to the sellers market and don't really know where to start. Why not give this a shot. Sometimes, people just aren't buying where you live and Alpaca Fleeces will allow you to reach people all over. I love to work with a product that I know is natural and that it stimulates the small business economy. I mean, when I buy some natural yarn, it helps me when I sell my finished product,  the website the yarn was sold on, the farm the animal was raised on, and it helps the farm the animals food was grown on. A complete circle. As it should be.


I have conquered the star shaped afgan!

First off this pattern is from Beth at

I know so many people out there have tried to make this style of afgan only to find that it buckles or puckers going up or down the points of the star. Well... I have great news. I will show you how to get your project to lay FLAT.

I have already done the first 3 rounds in the pattern but my instructions will help from 3rd round up. I think the first two rows are easy to understand.

After you have done your first few steps in round 4 which are (sl st in next st, ch 3, 1 dc in next dc, shell) you will come to where the problems begin if you don't do this right.  The next step is to put 1 dc in the next (or first). The next dc is actually hiding behing your last dc in your previous shell. I have pointed it out with my scissors. It is to the right of the next dc in your previous round( round 3) Still, with me?

Place your dc in this space like I have in the picture.
continue with putting a dc in the next 3 dc's. You should have 1 empty dc before you get to the hole or decrease step in your pattern. I have pointed this out with my scissors. You should also have 4 dc between this point and the shell you made previously.

Skip these next 2 dc ( one will be the "hole" ) and dc in the next dc from round 3. Or you can just count 3 stitches over and place your dc there. I have pointed this space out with my scissors.

place your dc here. You have now created the valley in your project.
dc in the next 3 dc from round 3 and then shell in the ch. 2 space. Continue around the star in this established pattern remembering where to put your first dc after the shell unti you get back to the begining.

slip stitch into the 3rd chain of the begining chain 3. I have pointed out the correct chain
with my scissors.
You will begin your next round by a slip stitch into the first or next dc. It is just to the left of your slip stitch. It kind of looks like the same stitch but it is not. I have pointed it out with my scissors. After you have slipped into this next dc, ch 3 and this will be your first dc in the next round. You will do this for every row here after. You will add 20 dc to every round. So in round 3 you will dc 2 before and after the shell and in round 4 you will dc 4 before and after the shell. Round 5: 6 dc before and after the shell, etc.

I hope this makes sense to you. It will lay flat if you follow these instructions. Enjoy!


For Sale: Pocketbook Slippers

You can have these ADORABLE slippers for just $10.  I think everyone should some. I am currently taking orders for as many pairs as you want.  The size is ONE SIZE FITS MOST. I say most cause, well you know. Machine washable/dryable. You just tell me the color you want and I will make them to order.  Get one for you,  mom, grandma or your neighbor. They would also make a great teacher gift at the end of the school year.  Just leave a comment or email me with your ordering info.


*new* Hallmark Gold Crown Stores- $5 off $5

There is a new $5 off $5 printable here to use at any Hallmark Gold Crown store. It is only valid December 3-5 so hurry and print now. I have gotten so many good things this year from them. They have lots to look at and the coupon can be used on anything except "Hallmark red label" items.

Don't forget there is also a $10 off $10 printable here. They can not be combined.


Hallmark Gold Crown Stores- $10 off $10

Mom's and Expectant Mom's can go here and print out a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase. You need to sign up for their email to get it but you can always cancel that if you want.
There are also coupons for $5 off $5 in assorted December issue magazines. (Women'sDay, Martha Stewart Living, etc.) I would definitely take a good look at your magazines. I believe these should be able to be combined. Last year, I was told I could combine more than 1 $5/$5 coupon. (after I did 2 transactions of course). This is a Your-mileage-may-vary (YMMY) thing though.


Meijer 11/14-11/20

Here are the best deals for this week.

$9 off a 10lb.+ hen or $16 off a 16 lb.+ tom turkey with additional $20 purchase. Basically you can get a Meijer brand 17 lb. tom turkey for about $4. I noticed Meijer brand tom's were $1.19/lb. and Butterball's were $1.69/lb.
*$4/1 Butterball wyb 4 Pillsbury Crescents, Stove Top Stuffing, or Heinz Gravy coupon ( 11/7 SS ) or $1/1 Butterball printable

$0.65 Ortega Taco Seasoning Mix ( price drop)
use $1/2 printable
final: $0.15 each wyb 2

$1.67  Skippy Peanut Butter
use $1/2 MM and $0.50/1 coupon ( 11/14 RP, use 2)
final: $0.17

$0.59 Campbell's Cream of Mushroom or Chicken soup
use $1/4 printable ( make sure it is the "Great for Cooking" coupon)
final: $0.34 each wyb 4
Bonus: Free Ticket Zone item of the week. Print out form here

$0.99 Stove Top Suffing
use $1/2 printable here or here, use 2
Bonus: buy 4, get one free instantly.
final: $0.39 each wyb 5

$1.25 Kleenex Facial Tissue, 130-200 ct. or 75-90 cube
use $0.50/3 coupon ( 10/3 or 11/7 RP)
Bonus: buy 4 in one transaction, get $1 Catalina coupon. Buy 5, get $2. Buy 6, get $3. 

Deal idea: Buy 6 @ 1.25= $7.50
                use 2 $0.50/3 coupons= -$2
                Pay $5.50, get $3 CC valid on next order
                final: $0.42 each

$2.50 Hellsmann's Mayonnaise
use $1.50/2 MM and use $0.50/1 coupon ( 11/14 RP) use 2
final: $0.75 each wyb 2

$3.89 Similac Ready to Feed infant formula
use $3/1 printable 
final: $0.89

$2 Keebler Club or Town House Crackers
use $1/2 MM and $1/2 coupon (11/14 RP)
final: $1 each wyb 2

$1.50 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, 1 lb. sticks
use $1/2 MM and $0.75/1 coupon (11/14 RP)
final: $0.63 each wyb2 ( these were not marked on sale but ring up at sale price in my store)

$1.79 Daisy Cottage Cheese, 22oz
use $0.45/1 coupon (10/3 SS)
final: $0.89

 If you would like to see a more complete list of matchups, please visit BargainstoBounty.


eversave: $35 for $5

Through eversave you can get a $35 for $5 right now to Wild Dill. Wild Dill is a company specializing in organic, fair trade children's toys and clothes. This company works like if you have ever used them before. This voucher can be used towards shipping which is around 7.50 so you can get a $27 item for $5. Just follow these steps.

Sign up your email ( right away you should have a $2 credit)

Click on Wild Bill picture on the right hand side

use code BRANDCATION to get an additional $5 off. This should bring your total to $5. then checkout as normal.


Meijer 11/6-11/13

Here is a compiled list of the best deals of the week.

0.65 Ortega Taco Seasoning mix
use $1/2 printable
final: 0.15 each wyb 2

1.33 Bagel Bites 9 ct.
use $1/1 coupon ( 6/13 SS or Women's Day magazine)
final: .33 each

$2 General Mills Wheaties cereal, 10.9oz
use. .75/1 coupon ( 10/10 SS)
final: 1.25 each
Deal idea: Buy 3 , use 3 .75/1 coupons ( if you can find 3) and use $1/3 Mperks coupon. final: 0.92 each wyb 3

.99 Meijer Large eggs

If you would like to see a complete list of deals please visit BargainstoBounty.


New Series: Take & Make

Take & Make

Take & Make is a new series about recycling, upcycling or repurposing things you already have. We all have things, such as, old towels, or blue jeans that could be reused in very clever and usable ways.

So without further a do. I am going to start out the series by showing you different ways to repurpose an old bath towel. The colors of the towels are up to you and I do hope you enjoy it. All you need is simple sewing skills and a sewing machine.

There is a fabulous tutorial here or you can try and follow mine.

First I chose two old rattie towels to "try" this on so please, I know they don't match that well.

Supplies: 1 hand towel, 1 bath towel, sewing machine, scissors and pins
step 1: lay your hand towel horizontally on the table and cut in half. You will only use one half so this one hand towel actually makes 2 projects

step 2: Lay your bath towel horizontally on table and find the middle. Mark this with a pin. Next, find the middle of your hand towel and line it up with the middle of the bath towel and pin. You will then sew this where the two pieces meet along the top with about a 1/2 inch seam allowance. That is really up to you.

step 3: You will now take the two top corners of your had towel and bring them together an sew across the top. In the end you will have 1 long side open, 1 long side that is folded, and 1 top short side that you have just sewn. The other short side is attached to your bath towel. The next step is optional. Measure about 2 inches down from the folded side corner and sew diagonally . Then trim off the corner piece.

This is what the finished hood looks like
 Anothe optional step you can do is after you have sewn across the top of the hood, you can trim off the top (above the stitch line). You will have two pieces. I used these two pieces to add hooks for my kids hands in the corners of the bath towel.

Here is the final product withour the hand loops. It did turn out rather nice dispite the raggidy towels and mismatched colors.

Stay tuned for PART 2: SPA HEAD WRAP