I have conquered the star shaped afgan!

First off this pattern is from Beth at

I know so many people out there have tried to make this style of afgan only to find that it buckles or puckers going up or down the points of the star. Well... I have great news. I will show you how to get your project to lay FLAT.

I have already done the first 3 rounds in the pattern but my instructions will help from 3rd round up. I think the first two rows are easy to understand.

After you have done your first few steps in round 4 which are (sl st in next st, ch 3, 1 dc in next dc, shell) you will come to where the problems begin if you don't do this right.  The next step is to put 1 dc in the next (or first). The next dc is actually hiding behing your last dc in your previous shell. I have pointed it out with my scissors. It is to the right of the next dc in your previous round( round 3) Still, with me?

Place your dc in this space like I have in the picture.
continue with putting a dc in the next 3 dc's. You should have 1 empty dc before you get to the hole or decrease step in your pattern. I have pointed this out with my scissors. You should also have 4 dc between this point and the shell you made previously.

Skip these next 2 dc ( one will be the "hole" ) and dc in the next dc from round 3. Or you can just count 3 stitches over and place your dc there. I have pointed this space out with my scissors.

place your dc here. You have now created the valley in your project.
dc in the next 3 dc from round 3 and then shell in the ch. 2 space. Continue around the star in this established pattern remembering where to put your first dc after the shell unti you get back to the begining.

slip stitch into the 3rd chain of the begining chain 3. I have pointed out the correct chain
with my scissors.
You will begin your next round by a slip stitch into the first or next dc. It is just to the left of your slip stitch. It kind of looks like the same stitch but it is not. I have pointed it out with my scissors. After you have slipped into this next dc, ch 3 and this will be your first dc in the next round. You will do this for every row here after. You will add 20 dc to every round. So in round 3 you will dc 2 before and after the shell and in round 4 you will dc 4 before and after the shell. Round 5: 6 dc before and after the shell, etc.

I hope this makes sense to you. It will lay flat if you follow these instructions. Enjoy!

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