Cool Fiber Website I Just Heard About

So, I just heard about this cool website. Alpaca If you like knitting and crocheting, or felting or whatever with natural fibers, this is a really neat'o website. You can buy or sell your natural fibers in a secure, easy way. I don't have access to any natural fibers where I live so this would be a good way for me to be able to search and research the different kinds of fibers out there. If you are new to the sellers market and don't really know where to start. Why not give this a shot. Sometimes, people just aren't buying where you live and Alpaca Fleeces will allow you to reach people all over. I love to work with a product that I know is natural and that it stimulates the small business economy. I mean, when I buy some natural yarn, it helps me when I sell my finished product,  the website the yarn was sold on, the farm the animal was raised on, and it helps the farm the animals food was grown on. A complete circle. As it should be.

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