To Each His Own

I have had some things on my mind lately and one of them is quite important to all of you I think.  It has come to my attention, by way of other blogs, that not everyone gets the idea of saving money. I mean, everyone needs to but not everyone can save the same amount. You can't save it if you don't make it in the fist place. You get it.

Well, this being said, everybody has a different idea of what a good deal is. A good deal to mom may not be a good deal to you. Here is the important part. YOU SHOULDN'T CUT THEM DOWN BECAUSE OF YOUR DIFFERENCES.  None of us are in a position to judge. If you pass on a "good deal" and they don't jump on it, oh well, that's their business. In return, don't call them crazy for paying more than you would on a particular item. They may have thought that was a fabulous deal so let them be happy.

I think one of the hardest things in life is to watch someone destruct themselves financially. If you offer what money-saving knowledge you have and they still can't seem to save then it is out of your hands. I don't mean give up and stop passing on deals but just don't harrass them.

There have been some recent articles online regarding whether or not someone should home-make a certain food  or buy it ready made from the store. This is a sensitive topic for just about everone. I do believe that making something from scratch is healthier. I also realize how convenient, store bought food is.  I use it. Everyone does. I think that every family has to decide what is best for their family and not worry about what joe-smoe down the street is doing.

God has given each of us each an individual talent and gift which we should use to the best of our abilities. He has also given us the right to do with our money what we please. Some of us just have more of it. Money, I mean. He has told us to be good stewards with it. That means tithing our 10% first and then using the rest to live wisely. God DOES want us to be  happy and wealthy though. Some people do not believe this. If you have extra money after the bills are paid, go ahead and get that new pair of shoes or whatever. Nothing wrong with that. Shoot, pay full price. wait.. what? Did I just say that?

The whole point to this post, is every single family has a different salary, budget and idea of what a sale is. That's ok. Please, if you have a difference of opinion on anything you see on this blog or anyother, keep your responses clean and respectful.

thank you

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